Thursday, 2 May 2013

May Day

Thoughts while filling my car with petrol

MasterM has never filled his car with petrol.
Someone has always done it for him.

Shall I have garlic prawns with pesto salad
for my lunch tomorrow
or kiln smoked salmon.
Prawns? Salmon?
Why does life have to be difficult?

The enthusiastic Professor loves ironing.
She would rather iron for a month
than do her marking.
I have a plan...

I am wearing ankle boots
with a short skirt.
I am not sure it is age appropriate.

Caramel cream Frappucinos.

My sister called me from Padstow
just as the 'Obby Oss was going past.
She does it every year.
I love her for it.

Dr H-Next-Door has just bought
a grape purple cashmere scarf
It is soft, huge and beautiful.
She is wearing it even though
it is the first warm day of the year.
We indulge her.

Dovegreyreader is not enjoying
'Life after Life' by Kate Atkinson.
I am unhappy about this.
I thought it was a tour de force.
I must have words.

What shall we have for supper?
What is MissM cooking?

Those Russian chocolates
were very delicious.
Perhaps I should set up
an import business.
"Kremlin Confectionery" anyone?

I love them.
They are my secret vice.

It's the GeogSoc Boat Party soon.
There will be dancing.
What shall I wear?


  1. Oooo, you can make all of those goodies? I am impressed. We are having "Must Goes" for dinner.
    I suggest the overenthusiastic ironer may press your skirt, but not the boots.
    I am sure you will look fabulous.
    p.s. In this state, you cannot pump your own's the LAW, for Heaven's sake. In addition, you must buy your Spirits in a state licensed store. Whew.
    Happy May to you.

  2. That car's got a big tank.

  3. AnonymousMay 02, 2013

    Probably, probably, but MrsM is a quick thinker.


  4. Caramel cream frappucinos and short skirts are mutually exclusive here. Sadly.

  5. I'm with Dovegreyreader, apart from one passage. I have passed it on and hope the recipient will have more success with it. Why don't I possess a short skirt? I have the short boots. Oh yes I remember. It's the knees.

  6. I loved Life After Life and was most disappointed to see people popping up in my online bookgroup saying they couldn't finish it, or it annoyed them.

    Does MasterM get other people to payfor his petrol as well as put it in, or does he hand over the money and send someone else to do the filling? I'm confused. Why would he not do it himself, and why would his friends in South Africa indulge him so? (You may be able to tell i am over thinking this).

  7. I should add that Son#1 passed his drivers test last week and is now driving his very own car. Last night i received a text from him -WHICH PETROL DO I PUT IN? As i was in a lecture and didn't return the text for an hour (UNLEADED, DARLING!) i presume he worked it out for himself.

    I add this to show that young men filling their cars with petrol is topical for me! Hence the disproportionate interest.

  8. I wish I had such interesting and erudite thoughts while filling my car - mine are more along the lines of "how much? really? Surely there isn't room for anymore? why? HOW MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN?"

    I must reset my thinking pattern, look away from the gauge and think better thoughts.

  9. I'm with Jules on the petrol pump thinking.

    I haven't tried the Kate Atkinson and of course I will have to now!

  10. I always wish that someone would fill my petrol tank, I hate doing it.

    Why not prawns and salmon? You can have the same on the next day too.

    I wish I had a grape cashmere to drape, I am quite chilly.

  11. I would quite happily iron for a month. Bliss! K x

  12. When I put petrol in the car I always concentrate on the numbers and try to stop at silly amount.... £22.22 or 44.44...

    childish I know. Indulge me.

  13. AnonymousMay 03, 2013

    I've finished it now and... no you'll just have to wait and see x

    And I am amused because to prove I am not a robot I now have to type 'the elinesta'. Do you know that pub at Mary Tavy called The Elephant's Nest...the Ellinest for short??

    Sorry better indulge me too. Monica I'm with you on the petrol total thing.

  14. I was going to askif you spilled any petrol ... but then I read Bb's comment ...


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