Thursday, 25 July 2013

A taste of Portugal

Let's talk food

Grilled sardines, of course.
Fresh from the Mercado da Ribeira.

Pasteis de Nata from Belém.
Flaky, creamy, utterly delicious.
It is a mistake to start with the best...
you are always disappointed afterwards.

A poached egg covered with gold leaf.
Please don't ask me for the recipe,
it is the magic of chef José Avillez
and his amazing Lisbon restaurant, Belcanto.

Delicious sushi for lunch,
soaking up the chic atmosphere of 'East, West'
after a visit to the Museu Colecção Berardo.

Pannacotta so velvety
that you dream about it.

Strong, hot Portuguese coffee
in cups to covet.

Sangria by the pool in Estremoz.
MrM thought it was an unpardonable extravagance
but subsequently agreed that citrus fruit
is packed with vitamins
and should be consumed regularly

My favourite restaurant in Évora:
Botequim da Mouraria,
a tiny bar with only 9 seats.
You leave with a sense that you have been cherished
from the moment that you stepped through the door.

We will gloss over the unexpected experience
of the stuffed goat's stomach salad.


  1. AnonymousJuly 25, 2013

    Your pictures are beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful time, thank you for sharing your experiences -

    Does gold leaf add flavor? I've always wondered.

    Have not wondered about stuffing a goat's stomach and pairing it with salad however...


  2. Your gastronomic tour of Portugal was rather more sophisticated than ours, which consisted of many beachside tostas mistas and gallons of ice tea limão.

  3. I am loving everyone's holiday posts, especially the ones about food, I feel like I am travelling the world without having to move, and experiencing new gastronomic delicacies without the calories xxxx I am surprised you didn't come home with a coffee cup or two........

  4. beautiful pictures and sounds like a wonderful trip!

  5. Wonderful. With the exception of the goat's stomach.

  6. MrM is relieved to report that he did not weigh himself before or after the trip.

    Seriously recommend a trip to Belcanto for a very pleasant evening - vgvfm. Would not have been as much fun without MrsM though.

  7. Look at that! Beautiful and yummy!

  8. I can only presume the gold leaf egg will make an appearance in future bento boxes?

    Seriously - what delicious food. xx

  9. i'm racing back to the flower pics before i loose it!!
    and realizing i've not got an adventurous palate.

  10. I`m so hungry for Portuguese food right now...
    Thanks for sharing! I miss eating fresh, just out of the sea grilled sardines.:)


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