Wednesday, 24 July 2013

ancient walls of flowers


  • we stayed in the castle tower - thick granite walls and an arrow slit window is a recipe for claustrophobia - I have a new respect for Rapunzel
  • the streets were so narrow and steep - see above - that I got out of the car and walked - I'm cowardly sometimes
  • if your hotel receptionist looks like Noddy don't be alarmed - it's not normal but it may be because there is a medieval fair in town
  • it was a sheer drop from the battlements - not for the faint-hearted - but fun to watch everyone creeping around clutching the walls while drinking chilled beer outside one's tower
  • the local speciality is cherry liqueur in chocolate cups - a black forest without the gateau
  • so many tiny gardens to peep into and fall in love with
  • thank you to MissM who knew immediately which track I was talking about


  1. are there lots and lots of hummingbirds in Portugal? They love each of those flowers on this side of the ocean.

  2. I would definitely prefer to be on the outside of the castle walls. The flowers are spectacular.

  3. So I now know we share the exact same flowers and plants with Portugal.

  4. Never been... but maybe one day?! :)<3


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