Monday, 22 July 2013

The Bowl from Marvão

in which MrsM demonstrates to MrM
that she was not exaggerating
when she stated that this bowl
would be an essential part
of her batterie de cuisine

lemon storage

peach and tomato salad

smoked mackerel and potato salad
in a horseradish cream dressing

lamb and red pepper casserole

cherry clafoutis

to be honest, after only a week
even MrsM is wondering
how she managed without it


We had such a lovely time in Portugal
and I have some photos to show you.

Same time, same place tomorrow?


  1. One might even say that MrsM has been bowled over by her latest acquisition ... "Boom, boom !" as Basil Brush used to say

  2. PS it also doubles/trebles/quadruples up as a cocktail tray

  3. Oh that cherry clafoutis.......... I'd have that out of ANY bowl!

  4. That's my menu for the week sorted. Just need the bowl now.

  5. Please ask Mr M if my wv 'aridus' is a real word. It sounds like my brown lawn.

  6. I do believe that you are as versatile as the bowl.

  7. Lucille - I think you have a target round with that one.

    With acknowledgement to Wiktionary:

    From the verb āreo (“I am dry, I am parched”), akin to ārdeō (“I'm on fire, I burn”).

    āridus m (feminine ārida, neuter āridum); first/second declension
    dry, parched, withered, arid

    Montes aridi sterilesque.
    Parched and barren mountains.

    Arida ligna.
    Dry wood.

    Terra arida et sicca.
    An arid and dry ground.
    (of things) dry, lean, meagre, shrivelled; withered (e.g. from disease)

    Uvis aridior puella passis.[1]
    A damsel drier than the raisin'd grape.

    Vita horrida atque arida.
    Rough and meagre life.
    (rhetorical style, orators) uninspired, jejune, spiritless

    Aridi magistri.
    Uninspired teachers.

    Sicci omnino atque aridi pueri.
    Sapless lads, altogether, and dry.

    (slang) avaricious, someone greedy or stingy (confer the tongue-in-cheek term Argentiexterebronides (“the name of one who is skilled in extorting money; a sponger”))

    1. So thorough. Thank you. Possibly a record too for the longest reply to a comment?

  8. oh,'s a date, if i can get back from the amazing journey MrM's post sent me on.

    After Googling "aridus" to see if it was Portugese, or what
    (actually, i must confess that i "Binged" but that just sounds too weird)
    i discovered:

    Wookieepedia: "Aridus was a desert planet in the Expansion Region and the home world of the reptilian Chubbit species."

    Aridus Rapid Drying Concrete "The Only Concrete Solution For Preventing Floor Covering Failures..." [Yikes! should i order some, Pronto!!??]

    CETAC Aridus II: "Desolvating Nebulizer System is a specialized accessory for all types of ICP-MS instruments" [i sincerely hope i don't need to know about any of this...]

    Aridus Wine Company. In Arizona. Now THAT'S a dry wine.

  9. The salads are especially appealing :)
    I miss Portugal, and look forward to a vicarious visit!

  10. Liz in Missouri, USAJuly 22, 2013

    An impossibly lovey and useful bowl (meant to go with the spoon of course) with a whisper of the orient and the scent of faraway places! Pretty, pretty bowl. Can't wait to hear about the trip! :-)

  11. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    I'll be there tomorrow. cath

  12. Would love the recipe for the smoked mackerel etc salad please ps the bowl is beautiful

  13. Ah, welcome back. You were so right about that bowl. Such tantalising glimpses of the pattern though. I need to see it in all its glory

  14. What I don't understand here is this.... is there really only ONE? Surely a girl needs several just in case....

  15. Wonderful looking pattern. Having seen the delicious cuisine served in your lovely purchase I'm sure that Mr M appreciates it's importance. :-)


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