Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Clare College, Cambridge

Clare College looked very beautiful on Saturday

just as it did on another September afternoon

when I walked with my father along the avenue,
through the gate and across the court to the chapel

where our family and friends were waiting
and we were married by MrM's father.

Afterwards we ate in the Hall:
Guinea Fowl with braised celery,
the most heavenly Crème brûlée
and a cake of extravagant beauty.

At the end of the afternoon we left by punt
and as our families and friends waved from the bridge
I threw my bouquet of cream freesias up towards them.

The bouquet landed in the river with a gentle splash
and was picked up by a young woman in a punt.

I hope that it was lucky for her
and she found happiness as we did.


  1. Spectacularly beautiful. Your elegant descriptions make it even more so.

    Congratulations on your anniversary Mr and Mrs M.

  2. oh
    a very happy anniversary wish to you both.
    what a lovely place to be married.

  3. Congratulations! It sounds dreamily romantic. Spookily we were wandering past Clare on Saturday - Tall Small was singing in town so we took them along the Backs and tried to avoid being knocked over by cyclists.

  4. Oh, you have style, you Magpies. Happy Anniversary.

  5. How wonderfully elegant! K x

  6. How wonderfully romantic - it brought a happy tear to my eye! Many congratulations on your anniversary.

  7. Such a beautifully romantic post. Congratulations! x

  8. An object lesson in setting up a good memory store for oneself. You have also whetted my appetite for a guinea fowl supper. Your w.v. is oodaste. Just a 'g and t' short of your wedding!

  9. Happy Anniversary Alice and Mr M.

    It sounds like a perfect day.

  10. What a beautiful memory - I can't remember the food or the cake at my wedding (and I wasn't drunk, really!), just smiling so much that my face ached - I'm glad yours was a happy ever after, too. And Cambridge is such a heavenly place - I went back for the first time the summer before last and was awestruck by its beauty. I had quite forgotten - perhaps I didn't have eyes to see when I was young and foolish.

    Pomona x

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  12. Okay that was me--typo--What is a punt? Oh, and to have been a guest at your wedding! Many, many happy anniversaries to come. (hugs)

  13. How much beauty and love.
    Happy Anniversary.

  14. Everything so beautifully symmetrical.

  15. How wonderfully romantic and special. Happy Anniversary. Cat x

  16. Congratulations. A beautiful anniversary post.

  17. Happy Anniversary!

  18. Didn't we already wish you a happy anniversary a fortnight ago? Are you trying to play tricks on my already-feeble brain, or what? Furthermore, your wedding food sounded nicer than mine. When the Holy One and I renew our vows in a few years, I shall have you cater the event...

    (Loverly photos.)

  19. Beautifulbeautifulbeautiful.

    I send my love...

    (from Italy!)

  20. I hope I'm not too late to wish you happy anniversary. This post has touched my heart.

  21. MrsM is wife number 1. Our wedding has to be one of the best organised events I have ever been to - all I had to do was turn up with a ring and book a punt.

    For the express avoidance of doubt this should not be construed as implying that there is anyone else in the 1+ category as there is not.

  22. congratulations... what a wonderful setting!

    (delightfully English)

  23. Oh Alice, how very lovely, once again you words conjure up such wonderful pictures and leave the reader wanting more.


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