Monday, 21 September 2009

Monday Morning

In my humble opinion...

there have been too many words
and not enough pictures.

Today is
the Monday Morning of Freshers Week

(pause for Deep Breath)

and I don't want anything
that is going to make my brain hurt.

Here is an intense Dahlia experience.

I hope that it doesn't give you

This is what life is like
if you are a bee.

Or an earwig.


  1. How exciting for all those shiny new students bursting with potential. Hope they're kind to you...

  2. I love your pictures, flowers,

  3. Being a bee or an earwig doesn't seem at all bad. Hope you have a good start to the week with all the new students.

  4. Those pictures could brighten any day! Will be thinking of you and all the Freshers... K x

  5. Lovely flowers! Perhaps you could show them to students - they're sure to have hurting brains (or maybe heads, to be more specific!). Monday in the office makes my brain hurt, so flowers are just the ticket.

    Pomona x

  6. Pretty flowers. Is it just me who sees all those freshers as fair game to torment??

  7. Having worked a twelve hour shift on Saturday so that a fresher and her parents could go to uni, (and knowing that particular fresher rather well) .... hope you have the paracetamols handy! :O)

  8. Being an earwig is not a good thing to be in our house - they are despatched with great haste to the great dahlia in the sky - however here at Chez Bebbs we love bees and welcome them with open arms - fortunately there are other plants in the garden which attract bees as I don't grow dahlias so I don't encounter too many earwigs

    Just a thought - whoever invented earwigs and slugs? - I've yet to find a valid reason for their existence

  9. Busy bees here, too, but it was nice to stop racing around for a moment to sigh over your dahlias. Oops, time's up! Off to talk about sedimentary rocks... xo

  10. gorgeous flower photos...going on a little float from blog to see if I can find some new ones I have not yet

  11. Love dahlias!The dark red is my favorite.


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