Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Going Down The Hill

The first bend is the worst
because it is sharp and steep
and slippery with wet leaves
and there is a rock sticking out
which can split your tyre.

Not far to the next bend...
in fact, you can probably treat yourself
to second gear.

Another sharp bend,
but there is a tiny space
that you can squeeze into
if a tractor is driving up towards you.

A long straight stretch,
only fallen branches and mud
to worry about.

The orchard gate...
hurray! nearly there.

MasterM and MissM used to get out here
and run down in front of the car
laughing with excitement.

The last bend is tight between
the cottage and the slate roof of the house;
lorries taking short cuts get stuck here
and have to be dragged out.

This, little car, is the challenge
of the hill behind my parents house.

I hope that you are up for it.


  1. Tricky but idyllic. May I please adopt your parents?

  2. How lovely. It reminds me of a similar lane leading to a cottage in Wales. I'm sure your new car will do you proud!

  3. Ah yes, the slate roof sticking out into a tight bend - there's one like that on the hill behind my sister's house. There is an easier route to hers but the sat nav unfailingly tkaes you down the scary one.

    I'm sure the little car will be up to the task!

  4. I can't believe that MrM has bought anything other than a brave little car

  5. Just like a lane from a fairy tale (except for the lorries)!

    K x

  6. I've no doubt the little car will cope admirably with such a beautiful drive.

  7. looks idyllic, I hope little car enjoys many happy journeys up the road xxx

  8. Aw. Taking it home to meet the folks.

  9. Based on yesterday's image, you may have to feed your new car extra hay to get it to safely negotiate those bends!

  10. going downhill and round the bend already ...

    story of my life

  11. what an adventure that would be?

  12. How lovely! I miss those sorts of lanes...

  13. Cute little road there.
    Lorries ... this word always made me giggle, dunno why.

  14. It looks wonderfully bucolic - I think you should cycle - that would be a fun test of nerve!

    Pomona x

    PS Is Mr M all right - he sounds a little plaintive?

  15. Roads like that always lead to the very best places.


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