Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gladioli in the late afternoon

Severe pain in shoulder this morning
caused by something muscular
being tweaked, twisted or trapped.

Nothing to do
except take handfuls of Neurofen,
lie very still
and watch the patch of sunlight
creep around the wall
until it reaches the mantelpiece
and the blood-red gladioli.

I don't recommend it.


  1. Augghhh! So sorry! I don't recommend it either. My favorite part is all of the strategizing one must do to raise oneself from a supine position without howling and waking up the household. And then taking 20 minutes to execute said strategy. Fun.

    Sending you lots of magical healing vibes...

  2. P.S. My word verif was "guilloir." I'm sorry, but I think it's a Sign that you need to just cut off the injured part.

  3. No no, don't cut it off!

    Some traction may help tho.
    I hope it's less painful very soon.
    Hugs from NZ.

  4. owww. Sorry you are having such a painful time - hope it passes soon!

  5. No fun at all. I hope it has passed by now. Though I tend not to be as considerate as Lynn in trying to control my agonised squeakings when something is trapped and hurting - wake them up and let them be miserable too! ;-)

  6. Possibly not as bad as yellow wallpaper - or perhaps you are heading that way? A bit of morphine-based painkiller might help ...

    Pomona x

  7. Just in case it's an incipient frozen shoulder can I strongly recommend the Simeon Neil-Ascher technique.

    I'm afraid my w.f is 'keywrica' which sounds like something you get from sitting too long at the computer.

  8. Sorry I misspelt that - it's Niel-Asher. But you'll find him misspelt all over the internet too. I haven't used him but three close friends swear by him.

  9. Oh you poor thing. Apart from the gladioli it doesn't sound very fun at all :(
    Hope it clears up asap

  10. Alcohol is the best remedy for all things muscular. And I don't mean rubbing it on.

    I remember tweaking a muscle in my neck on the way to a wedding - I was in agony and unable to turn my head. One reception and a bottle of champagne later - complete cure.

    It's the muscle relaxant properties...

  11. Oh dear. Hope you're feeling better very soon. And if not, you can always follow Ali's advice! K x

  12. I think Ali is right. Whisky cures most things, I have found.

  13. At least the view was beautiful - hope you get some relief very soon

  14. I blame the weather. I have an annoying muscular pain in the back of my neck. No gladioli though. Which makes it worse.
    I'll follow the tip given by Ali, it sounds the best.

  15. Agony! I hope it passes soon... if not Ali's cure sounds worth a try. x

  16. Slurppppppp! I'm with Ali.... Hope you get some relief from it. Sounds horrid.

  17. Its not bloggers shoulder is it?
    Oh No.
    You'll have to give up blogging until its better.
    So sorry it hurts. Its really no fun. I injured my back last year in January scooping rainwater out of the top of out bay window with a wok..don't ask..it was agony until Mid March
    I recommend 'Deep heat'..
    Great stuff as long you have an OH to rub it on!


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