Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Domestic Chores

MrM and MrsM have to buy a new car.
This is a Boring but Important Chore.
MrM would rather read the newspaper
or watch rugby on television.
These are Interesting and 'Necessary' Chores.

MrsM finally issues an ultimatum.
MrM realises that procrastination is no longer an option.
MrsM hands MrM the phone and the telephone directory
and MrM phones the garage
to make an appointment for a test drive.

MrM and MrsM get in the car to drive to the garage.
MrsM sighs with relief because
the new car is within her grasp.
MrM has a resigned droop of the shoulders.

The garage is closed.
It is not just closed for lunch
or for the weekend.
It is closed permanently
and the windows are painted over.

MrsM is aghast...
and MrM suddenly feels as though
the universe is on his side.

He is even cheerful enough
to suggest visiting other garages
which are on the way home
so perhaps all is not lost.


In case you were wondering,
the phone call was transferred
to another garage about 20 miles away.
As MrM discovered in an urgent call
while MrsM drove round and round
a motorway roundabout.


  1. I always thought that I was a better fit for Mr Toad than Noddy. Plus MrsM could have been the washerwoman

  2. Hmmmmm ... the washerwoman, eh? Is this a plot on Mr Toad's part to part the washerwoman and her clothes??

    Better than Big Ears certainly.

  3. I'm more interested in the book! Why did you keep it? Although I had several Noddy Books as a child they didn't get kept.( some of my other books did! )

  4. Oh the joys of car purchasing - hope you find something you're happy with - rather you than me though!

    ps I'd rather be watching the rugby too :o)

  5. But I thought men liked buying new cars?! K x

  6. Ugh, buying cars. I lost count of how many we tested last time - the only ones we could afford that drove well didn't have enough space for the travel cot and mega 3-wheeled pushchair, and the ones that would fit my ridiculously long legged husband with equally long legged children behind him drive like buses.

    Mind you, now we don't need quite so much luggage space perhaps we can look for another - eeeeeeek!

  7. I like the idea of you driving round and round - I have done that myself whilst looking for directions in the past!
    (also, mr. m, that's not a particuarly kind character choice if you ask me...)

  8. It does sound as though MrsM was doing the driving. I don't recall Mr Toad ever letting the washerwoman drive: I think that they must be from some other story than WitW.


  9. Do you remember the picture of Mr. Toad driving the travelers' wagon? That remains my lifelong idea of perfect "wheels."

    I, too, am facing the search for a replacement vehicle. Gives me a little pain between the eyebrows every time I think of it.

    Best of luck - at least there are two of you to share the "joy"!

  10. Oh I would love to test drive! I love cars.

  11. ooohhh new car... what colour is it??

  12. I never liked Noddy.
    I do, however, adore shopping for cars and am available should you desire unsolicited advice - though I suspect MrM has the situation well in hand.


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