Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Woman writing

Woman with a writing tablet, Pompeii
1st century AD

So many lovely comments from you...
not enough replies from me...
better take a break
and get busy.


  1. You're looking a bit weather-beaten. But I love your ringlets.

    (Word verif is "sonati." I think that means you're supposed to listen to sonatas as you tackle your replies.)

  2. I always knew you looked beautiful and wistful just like that!

  3. Rest easy. we know you are there! (Gosh, it will take you forever to respond using a writing tablet!)

  4. I'm not sure that is a writing tablet you know - I've a sneaking suspicion it's one of those net-book thingies - but then who am I, the original technophobe, to know about these things?

  5. You look very thoughtful, though.

  6. do you think she was just about to pick her nose with the stylus? Wouldn't want it to slip.


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