Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday Morning

I am going to be straight with you...

This is not a 'Beauty of the Ordinary' picture
it is a 'We don't have a Dishwasher' picture.

This is because I am too precious about my china
but I tell MrM that it is because
I value the opportunity to talk to him
while he dries up.

Which is also true.


  1. We don't have a dishwasher either. Or a rice cooker, breadmaker, microwave.........

  2. Apart from having some precious chatting time with MrM you're probably very wise not to bother with a dishwasher - my new one eats crockery and glasses, it nibbles little chips from the edges and the cost of replacing things (fortunately not as lovely and precious as yours) far outweighs the time saved at the sink. My old dishwasher was never a nibbler - I do miss it! Maybe for the sake of my crockery I should revert to hand washing and encouraging chatting with my dryer-upper :o)

  3. WHAT????

    you can still talk to him while he loads/unloads the thing!!!

  4. We don't have a dishwasher or a microwave as neither will fit in to our teensy kitchen.

    And you know what?

    I don't miss either of them.

  5. Sorry.
    I have a dishwasher.
    And a microwave.
    And a sewing machine.
    And an electric light.
    But I don't have any Spode.

    (I would never have a breadmaker..that just takes all the fun out of it)

  6. I like this about you - but there's not much I don't like about you.
    I put the microwave in the basement all the time, and then someone wants to heat Chinese food and up it comes.
    Youngest wants a rice cooker very badly.

  7. We have a dishwasher, but it is in an inconvenient location and must be rolled over to the sink for hookup with a hose (what were the previous owners thinking??). So we wash dishes by hand and use it as a (huge) drying rack. What's more, our microwave died a year or two ago and we never replaced it.

    But guess what? Your photo is ordinarily beautiful anyhow...

  8. We have a dishwasher for the first time in this flat. But much to G's dismay, I still insist on washing loads of things by hand! K x

  9. I love my dishwasher. I do. You can have the rest of the house but I'm keeping that.

  10. I'm with the Coffee Lady. I do have a few precious bits and pieces that are washed and dried carefully by hand but for everyday stuff - I'm very glad I don't have to!

  11. I didn't know how much I liked having a dishwasher until mine broke with 8 people in the house. It wasn't so much the washing up as the lack of space to let things dry - our draining rack was made for oddments only. Broke 4 glasses before the new dishwasher arrived.

    Obviously I should have summoned hubby for drying and bonding duties.

  12. So that's your daily china.

  13. If I asked mine if he knew what a teatowel was, he would reply that he knew of no such animal! :O)

  14. I tried the handwashing thing - but there was such opposition from the younger members of the family when I wanted them to wash up that I caved in. The wedding china is long gone now, and I just buy from charity shops!

    Pomona x

  15. I have two dishwashers. Husband and Son. How lucky can a girl get? x

  16. I do have a dishwasher (four sons make a lot of dirty dishes) but we still do lots of washing up by hand. And those moments to chat are to be savoured.

  17. Oh I hope it gets fixed soon! I am in deep need of your china! I just love it.

    My dining room is decorated to match my blue and white Spode :)

  18. Oh you do not have a dishwasher? I do not think I could do that!

  19. LOML and I tried that --- but neither of us would ever dry up....

  20. My friend's dishwasher broke down some months ago and she loved the time she spent chatting to her children while they helped dry the dishes so much that she neglected to tell them that the dishwasher had been fixed for some weeks afterwards!


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