Monday, 28 September 2009

The New Motor

James Pollard
A Passing Carriage (1833)

MrM and MrsM have a new motor.

It is a very small car but...
it will enable MrM to visit Graham the bookseller
while MrsM is doing the weekly shop with the big car,

it will allow MrsM to visit her parents
without getting stuck
on the hairpin bend behind their house,

it will be easy to park
in airport multi-storey car parks,

it will be cheap to insure
so MasterM and MissM can learn to drive
and provide a taxi service for their aged parents.

It is also shiny and super-quick
so when MrM asked MrsM
if she would like to go for a spin
there was only one answer

"I'll just get my hat..."


A message for MissM
(a carriage aficionado)

I think this is a Stanhope Gig,
named after Captain Hon. Henry FitzRoy Stanhope,
a noted amateur whip of the day.


  1. And does it smell new inside? I love the smell of a new car.

  2. hat? or protective head gear?

  3. Brrrrrrm.

    Oddly enough I think our big car heard me commenting here that at some point we should think of replacing it, and has spectacularly emptied our wallets over the past 3 weeks for servicing, repairs, and 2 (yes, 2) MOTs.

    I think it's trying to make sure we can't afford to buy a new one.

  4. Oh the joy of a small car is not be underestimated! However, don't think the new car's horse power is up to much.

  5. ah multi storey car parks, yes a small car is indeed a bonus there, say she from experience, having once wedged her mothers car up tight against a barrier in one......

  6. Wishing you many hours of happy motoring.........

  7. The small second car seemed like a good idea round these parts too.

    Till hubby got relocated to London and announced his beloved Mini could not possibly be left in the station car park so I would have to wedge the boys into the back of it and use it for the school run while he took my mummy-wagon.

    This morning at Tesco's I have proved that a week's shopping for a family of 4 will not fit in the boot of a Mini.

  8. I miss having a car :( Don't get me wrong, there is no need for one in the Brum what with public transport and all, but it would be nice sometimes (especially for those trips outside of birmingham that cost a fortune otherwise - £26 return to Bristol, and thats WITH a railcard!)
    How shiny is it? Does it have a name?

  9. Love new shiny cars! Fun!

  10. Beep! Beep!

    What color is it?

    I imagine it's a shiny, bright red.

  11. Alas the old motor will be cubed within 10 days. Hopefully after they have extracted the pair of specs I realised I had left inside on the way home.

    MissM approves of it which is good news and I hope that MasterM does when he sees it in due course.

    Are my nerves up to teaching them both to drive though ???

  12. I love new cars! C1 perhaps? Not a Smart. Maybe IQ.

  13. I love to imagine the two of you zipping about in your sassy new set of wheels! It reminds me of my future...

  14. Oh, Eurolush stole my "beep beep" comment. Damn.

    Hello Mr. M, I love it when you comment. I am still recovering from my first attempt to teach Ms C to drive. We got to the end of our street, at which point I requested that she pull over so that Mr. C could take over the "instruction". My nerves could not take it. Sigh.

  15. If Miss M approves, it must indeed be stylish! K x


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