Thursday, 31 December 2009

At the edge of the waves

We went to Crackington Haven
to walk across the soft sand to the sea
and feel the spray on our faces.

The beach was empty except for another family,
a mother with a little boy and girl,
standing at the foamy edge of the waves.

I thought of walking across to this young mother
and telling her that my boy and girl had been tiny
such a very short time ago

but then I turned back towards my children
and I realised that now is just as wonderful as then

and I resolved to look forward
and embrace 2010
and the opportunities that it brings our family.

Life is too short to look backwards.


  1. All of it, so very true. I always want to urge mothers of young to savor every moment. But I don't, because I am afraid I will sound old, or sad that I no longer have little ones. Since I am neither sad or old I stay quiet, and remember. I see a great embrace of the future in that last photograph, and yes, I could sniffle a bit.

  2. I needed to hear this today.

  3. Happy New Year my lovely friend...

  4. It must be tricky not to look back with MasterM leaving so soon.x

  5. This is perfect. Thank you, Alice.

  6. Such wise and beautiful words and pictures Alice. A very happy, healthy and successful 2010 to all the Magpies.
    Bobby x

  7. I felt the same as kathe re the photo of the arms held out ready to grab the future........ Happy New Year Alice to you and yours.....

  8. wards and upwards. Happy New Year, Alice!

  9. A Happy New Year to you all Alice.

  10. Thank you, Alice. Your words always strike a chord.
    Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year at Chez Magpie.
    T x

  11. Such beautiful pictures. Happy New Year! K x

  12. Beautiful, life affirming post Alice. We could all take a leaf out of your book I daresay.

  13. Very wise words.Happy New Year and all you wish for in 2010.


  14. Absolutely. I'm trying to make the most of every moment whilst they are small - some days with more success than others. Happy New Year.

  15. wishing you a very happy forwards looking year Alice, and looking forward to sharing it with you xxxx

  16. Children are a joy whatever their ages - the type of joy just changes but is no less wonderful

    Happy New Year Chez Magpie - here's to many more wonderful opportunities and experiences


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