Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas Cake

currants, sultanas, raisins,
mixed peel, glace cherries,
blanched almonds, lemon rind,
plain flour, cinnamon, mixed spice,
treacle, butter and eggs

This is the same recipe
that my mother used
for my wedding cake
and as I take it out of the oven
swathed in greaseproof paper,
brown paper and string
there is a moment of connection
to her,
and that happy day
and all the Christmases since then.


  1. Another thing on my "to do" list!

  2. Very impressive! I've never made a Christmas Cake. And what a lovely connection. K x

  3. Christmas cake made with memories - perfect

  4. A delicious cake with delicious memories

  5. Christmas really is all about memories I think. Making new ones, keeping traditions alive and special silences.

  6. You have just described my husband's favorite combination of ingredients. I'll send him right over.

    (Love the cheery reds in your sidebar...)

  7. I like the idea of Christmas cake.

  8. So Christmassy!

  9. How wonderful!
    Christmas cake hasn't been made yet this year (which considering the amount of other foods I've made is pretty impressive) but I'm sure it'll get done eventually!

  10. My mum makes a wonderful rich fruit cake each Christmas - the same recipe she also used for our wedding cake. Over the years, despite making a pretty decent fist of anything else I cook or bake, I have tried hers and lots of other people's tried and tested recipes to no avail - I have tied brown paper round the tin, used a variety of ovens and many other variations. I realise now that Messrs Marks and Spencer make a far superior cake to any of my efforts and that I should just admit defeat and put my hand in my pocket each December


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