Sunday, 6 December 2009

Role Reversal

The day has arrived
when my son
cuts up a apple
and gives me a piece.

It's official - I'm old.

I am thinking of running away
and living a dissolute life
while I can.


  1. Run. Run fast and run hard!

  2. Ah, but if you run, who will cut up those apples for you? The time for dissolution has passed, best to laze around and eat apples sliced with love :)

  3. For some reason, when you wrote "I am thinking of running away" I expected "and joining the circus" to follow.

    And it seemed like an interesting option.

    Just a thought!

  4. Aww! It is nice though. I hate it when they go and grow up on us!

  5. No!
    You're old when he peels the apple and mashes it for you to eat.

  6. Having been dragged out of bed before 7am on a Sunday to provide a breakfast involving cut-up apple, I say stop your moaning.

    And if I could quote an email you sent me months ago, "Cut up apple? Only suitable for floating in Red Bull."

    Are you all buzzing Chez Magpie?

  7. I always told mine that when they grew taller than me then they would have to start looking after me instead of vice versa. I am still waiting ...

    Pomona x

  8. Blackbird beat me to putting my thoughts on the subject........

  9. No, it just means you've trained him well! And please don't run away. I'd miss you... K x

  10. After what bb said, how can I not be gagging? And I can't think of anything serious anymore.

  11. Tell you what, I'll send Tall Small over and she can show him how to make bread and chocolate spread for your breakfast tomorrow too.

    At least he cored it!

  12. you know it's been a long weekend when you have to use a dictionary before you can leave a comment xxx

    was it an English apple?

  13. Oh no, you are not old. You are merely old enough to have a son who can cut a slice of apple for you! (And long ago, back when you were still not old, he was already old enough to cut a piece of apple for you...)

  14. I remember walking in the dark of a Christmas time evening through a town with my son then aged about 16.
    I suddenly realised that it felt different and the difference was this : if there had been any kind of trouble, instead of me as mum protecting son, it would have been him as son protecting mum.
    It was an odd moment that I cherish.


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