Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Shopping

Twice a year MrM and MissM go shopping together.

They walk down the tiny cobbled street
to the shop with the pale blue shutters.
MrM presses the polished brass bell
and then they wait until the owner opens the door.

Inside there are low ceilings, mahogany cabinets,
soft carpets and a velvet display pad.

They know MrM and MissM very well in this little shop
and so they smile and welcome them
and help them decide what to buy
with the utmost courtesy.

MrM looks forward to this day for weeks
because he has special time with MissM
and MissM accepts that going shopping with MrM
is part of the preparations for Christmas.

Whatever present I receive on Christmas morning
I know that it has been chosen with love.


  1. this is a perfect tiny jewel (!) of a story ...

  2. Hmmm, that doesn't *sound* like a china shop.

  3. ohhhh lucky you!!

    will you show us?

  4. I'd like just to live within walking distance of such a lovely shop.

  5. Whatever it is it's made so much more precious by how it's made, from whom and with such care, without counting the lovely shop where it's purchased.

  6. Sounds very elegant! K x

  7. A shop where you have to ring the bell to get them to open the door.............. a silent "eek!" in my head as I read those words, followed by a sigh, and the beginnings of a smile forming here..........

  8. Q. What is a rhetorical question ?

    A. Would you like that gift wrapped, sir ?

  9. Has Mr M been pulling the Christmas crackers early? :O))))))

  10. I think I'll leave this blog post up when my husband's walking past. I've been hinting at diamond stud earrings for years!

  11. You must trust their judgement very much.
    Or is it one of those places where they can't fail?


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