Monday, 21 December 2009

Life is a journey

MasterM was staying with a friend in Kent
in a beautiful little house in the middle of farmland
when the snow arrived.

" we looked outside and it was pretty crazy.
I mean, it was DEEP!
And then we tried to book a taxi to the station
but no-one would come out to the house.
So we walked to the top of the hill
and we were sliding all over the place
like Torvill and Dean
and it took us nearly half an hour.
When we got to the top we went into this pub
and it was full of these old guys drinking
and we asked if anyone would take us to the station.
And this guy said he would
so he downed his pint
and took us out to the carpark,
We rode in the back of his pickup truck
and it was absolutely freezing
and I looked down
and there were all these shotgun cartridges
on the floor of the truck.
And I thought...
this is one to tell the grandchildren."


a true story,
for my friend, Bobby.


  1. It sure is one to pass on!

  2. Oh Alice, how I laughed. He must have wonderful powers of persuasion - and charm. I rest my case!
    Bobby x

  3. Not one to tell the parents, but the grandchildren?
    This is a man with an eye on the future...from the back of a shot-gun-shell riddled pick-up no less.

  4. Oh yikes! He does have some adventures. I hope all ended well.

    I'm away from this evening, have a wonderful Christmas Alice. Hope to meet you again in 2010 xxx

  5. Tales of Master M never fail to amuse me.


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