Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Decorations

MrsM and MissM have had Words
about the Christmas Decorations.

Or as MissM refers to them
'The Weird Wobbly People'.

MissM says that she feels threatened
by the aggressive Santa

and the Reindeer has an attitude problem.

MrsM accepts that the Snowman
looks suspicious hiding behind the parcels

but she briskly tells MissM
to ignore the Snowman who is planning
to stab her with a Christmas tree

and count her blessings

if she was Miss Eurolush...

she would be surrounded by mushrooms.


  1. Aw, Miss M!! All of these little friends look so BENIGN. But perhaps you know something that we don't...

  2. I have just one question:

    who drew the lapels on the reindeer?

  3. Oh dear, I thought my mushroom love was bad...

  4. There is a fair bit of brandishing going on here.

  5. never mind the decorations...I am in awe of that very clean shelf...

  6. HEY!!!

    You're just jealous of my mushroom fantasy life. We can't all have a fungus among us, can we now?

    Am LOVING those aggressive, suspicious, murderous ornaments. They all have character galore!

    Just be sure to listen out for tiny feet pattering in the night as you sleep...they're coming for you. Oh, yes. They're coming.

  7. LOL!
    And I am with cocoa and blankets!

  8. That 'Santa''s beard is clearly fake. I think he is really a ne'er do well trying to ingratiate himself. Watch your presents! I'm with Miss M. It's all quite alarming.

    (Btw, logged on from the frozen North. We have 18 inches of snow!!!!)

  9. What does it say about me that I am transfixed by the gleaming moulding?

  10. An element of paranoia is creeping in MissM - don't you realise it's the season of goodwill to all men (and women of course) :o)

  11. oh I LOVE your wooden christmas characters, we've a couple of very similar ones on our tree too and every year the Little PEople fight over who is going to be the one to hang them. They even beat the candy canes in the Popularity stakes.


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