Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Walk in the Winter Garden

What could be nicer than a walk
in the Winter Garden of Anglesey Abbey?

Red dogwood, white birch,
scented Mahonia and Daphne,
spikes of spring bulbs in dark earth
and the very first Hellebore blooms.

Nothing could be nicer
unless you do it with a friend
whom you have known forever
but only just met for the first time.

Thank you, Emma,
for taking the time to meet me
when you were so busy
preparing for Christmas craft fairs,

for the sweet winter berry wreath,

for entertaining me with tales of tiny Miss Ps,

and for selling me a Winter Garden necklace
which is the perfect Christmas present
for my mother.


  1. I used to love Anglesey as a child: we went to Lligwy beach several times.....
    Welcome home:-)


  2. It was the perfect time out amongst the bustle Alice. What an absolute treat to meet you. Thankyou. Inspired by our walk I went home and made a silver hellebore brooch and matching pendant.

  3. But did you see the working 18th century water mill? If so a report please.

  4. A delightful way and person with which to share a walk.

  5. A wonderful winter moment.

    The only image my winter garden conjurers up is mud and decomposing leaves. Much nicer to walk somewhere more inspiring. And with Emma to boot!

  6. Oh what beautiful surroundings. Especially love the picture of the white trees and blue skies. And how wonderful to meet Emma in person! K x

  7. The birches--oh how I love them! What is the ground cover there? It is so dark, and it sets of the pale of their bark so beautifully!

  8. I'm so sorry I couldn't join you. The necklace is beautiful.

  9. Oh what beautiful photos. And a happy get-together. Perfect!


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