Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Cards

This is our 2009 Christmas card
and I love it
even though I never buy
long thin cards.

The fabric designs in the background
are from Traidcraft artists.

I'm not going to lie,
it would be easier writing the cards
if I could find the book with the list.

MissM says she can clearly remember
seeing it in the summer...

which isn't much help.


  1. this year before I wrote the cards (which we had to do quite early due to having failed to send ANY change of address cards when we moved....) I rewrote out the address book with crisp new blank inserts. each night since I have woken in a blind panic that someone loved will have missed out being transferred and will be lost forever.....

  2. Uh oh. I had to remake my list this year too :) K x

  3. I may not be able to make Christmas Cakes but I am smugly admitting that all my UK cards went in the post last night

  4. We are BAD. Never wrote Christmas cards.
    I said it.
    Yours are lovely!

  5. You are ahead of me again... I've yet to buy my cards. And I still haven't made my cake, although I did write a shopping list of ingredients. (But I don't know where I put it)Looks like we're still on for Christmas in February.

  6. And I've lost my address book so anyone who doesn't love within a twenty mile radius will think I don't love them anymore!

  7. I've written one card. One. But on a positive note, my Aunt in New Zealand can consider herself very special indeed.

  8. I have two address books - one that I started when I lost the first one; then I found the first one and lost the second one.... I have addresses written down everywhere - it is not a good system.

  9. Making my cake tonight..............if I can stop myself from getting sidetracked....... have got the address book, but can't find where I stashed the cards.....

  10. oh how funny, thats just exactly what I've been doing today Alice, looking for The List, trying to think who has moved house in the 2 yrs since I last sent xmas cards.

    Damn and blast it, sometimes I dearly wish I was one of the Organised Ones.

    ps thanks for your super-sweet comment on my blog today, so v much appreciated


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