Tuesday, 8 December 2009

i choose to look upwards

The campus is enclosed by woodland
and trees encroach from the margins
so that the buildings are embedded
among oaks, horse chestnuts and great cedars.
This is the oak tree outside the front door
of the Department. I see it every morning.


  1. How lovely! (I'm wondering why you are choosing to look upwards: the architecture? the students? the professors? on the ground)


  2. That Baudelaire really knew something, didn't he?

  3. Wherever I have lived, I have always found a special tree to adopt, so I can watch for the passage of time. Yours is a very handsome specimen Mrs M.

  4. It is indeed impressive. I was expecting to see one of Ali's kids at the top of it.

  5. With a sky so blue, how could you not?

  6. With your eyes to the heavens mind you don't trip over your feet - I know I would :o) If that photo was taken today you're having nicer weather than the grotty miserable drizzle we've had today - one of those days where you actually feel like it's never really got light - sod Christmas, roll on summer

  7. What a fantastic upwards look!
    I love doing that when I'm in the city as well as the county - its amazing the architecture that you just don't notice due to all the shop fronts

  8. I MUST visit the UK. I've always been told it is always grey but it certainly doesn't look like!


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