Friday, 22 April 2011

Confessions of a Domestic 'Goddess'

It is the first asparagus of the season...

Is this Hollandaise sauce?
I've heard it is 'fiendishly difficult'.

MrsM looks modest.

Was it 'fiendishly difficult' to twist the lid?

MrsM looks abashed.

Didn't you make the sauce?

Errr no...
Mary Berry has been cooking for so long
that it would be rude not to ask for her help.

(with apologies to Sue...)


  1. Skip hollandaise sauce, and go for a garlicky allioli, spiced with sriracha sauce. Not so good for little children, but infinitely easier, stunningly impressive, but --- well, I can't think of a down side to it.

  2. You big cheater, you.
    Melted butter is my usual sauce and just as nice.

  3. MrM is a cad - he should surely have basked in the reflected glory of someone who may have made some hollandaise sauce.

  4. I don't blame you - the only time I made hollandaise I used Greek olive oil, and it came out green, and just didn't look right. Sounds like Mr M needs a beating - tell him he is jolly lucky to get his supper cooked! I think I might order my Head Chef (otherwise known as my husband) to make some tonight ... although I am supposed to be on a bit of a régime.

    Pomona x

  5. I think MrsM misspeaks - don't recall using those words precisely although I may well have raised an eyebrow

  6. Oh thank God. It comes in a jar.

  7. I suspect Mary Berry's is rather less likely to induce a heart attack than the real stuff - so you can say you chose it on health grounds.

  8. I too am [usually] a 'melted butter' woman - but would be quite happy to use Mrs Berry's sauce rather than risk ruining the ingredients in a badly made hollandaise.

  9. LOL, this is too cute, and such a GOOD idea :)


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