Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A Little Teapot

I asked for permission
to photograph the teapots

and the shop assistant
looked completely mystified

I explained that it was
my daughter's first teapot

which might not seem very important
to anyone else

but I know it is not that long ago
that she danced to this song.


  1. Which one did she pick?

  2. I love the one with the teapot verse on it - lovely photos as ever :o)

  3. I see no mystery at wanting to photograph teapots - they are beautiful! I rather like the pink spots and stripes but think the one with the verse is probably my favourite. Did she pick that one?

  4. CK came home from Bath yesterday with a story of a girl aged btn 14-17 sitting by herself enjoying a pot of tea and scone. He just could not understand it. Poor lamb.

  5. What a wonderful display. Which one did Miss M pick?

    (And I still think of you being stopped in Avoca by the photography police!)

    K x

  6. I have a plastic teaset she can borrow if she likes

  7. Spotty and stripey - bliss! Surely it is not possible to choose just one of this bunch.

  8. What's not to love about those teapots? They are gorgeous all lined up together. And I well remember my little girls singing that song!! A long time ago now. Just discovered your new blog and am so glad I have. Thank you for all you share. I am having a little giveaway over at mine at the moment so pop over and join in if you'd like to.


  9. The "song" one is just too sweet.

  10. wow--happy tears here, I sang a few lines from that at my mom's memorial . . .

  11. Now that is an important moment in anyone's life. Rather moving in a way - she has grown up.

    Like the other commenters though I'm curious - which one did she choose?

  12. Because we are odd people, at my house, we have stopped saying "I'm a little hungry" and now say "I'm a little teapot." Then we bend and pour.

    I know.

  13. the red one, please tell me she picked the red one!!!

    I want a red teapot.


  14. Loveliness indeed

    And the first teapot is always important, its like becoming a grown-up but better :)

  15. Mine was yellow and very large. I still miss it sometimes.

  16. How pretty are those? I just love tea pots! I hope she enjoyes her first one!


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