Monday, 14 September 2009

A True Story

When MasterM was five years old
he was invited to his first party by himself.
It was all very exciting.
MrsM and MissM picked him up afterwards
and he was carrying a party bag
stuffed with homemade goodies.

Mummy...what is this?

Oh! You lucky boy!!
That is Edinburgh Rock.

Mummy...what is Edinburgh Rock?

It is delicious...
take a big bite
and see what I mean.


it was chalk
for pavement art

which is how MasterM discovered
at a very young age
that his mother is not always right.

All of which I had forgotten until yesterday
when MrM brought back a souvenir
from his day in Edinburgh.


  1. owwwww! ewwwwww! Just thinking about a mouthful of chalk...ptuii!

    Isn't it a great thing that children are so forgiving? And loving?

    And that they have such loooong memories? :)

  2. I love Edinburgh. Next time you need some rock, can I fetch it for you?

  3. Oh thank you Alice - that was just the sort of 'laugh-out-loud' fix I needed this morning - absolutely priceless!

  4. Make them eat chalk... teach them life's hard lessons young... I like your style!

  5. Howling with laughter at this one...... just howling... :O)
    Bad mother, bad, BAD MOTHER!

  6. He LET you forget that? He IS a good fellow.

  7. We sent my grandma some strawberry shaped soaps once. ' Thank you for the crystalised strawberries, they were delicious,' she wrote back.
    They'd obviously gone straight into her stash of presents to recycle!

  8. I second Bb because my son would have NEVER forgotten or made ME forget it.
    (fun though)

  9. how funny!

    and what a shame you blew your cover so early on...

  10. You have made me smile after too many days of too much work! And I thought that I was a slack mother - did it put him off sweets for life?

    Pomona x

  11. Wonderful!
    I expect a different sort of Edinburgh Rock will be featuring in the life of master M now.

  12. At first glance, I really did think that that was sidewalk chalk in the first photo. Ha!

    I love Edinburgh, too. May I accompany Coffee Lady on her mission? The stories we'd be able to tell...

  13. Ha ha! The real thing looks better then chalk!


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