Thursday, 23 September 2010

Beloved Readers

Listen up y'all...

It is Freshers Week...

the Department is thronging with new students
and there are multiple invites to evening receptions.

I post a boring photo of porridge
and expect a day of stunned silence...

but you respond with pages of
scintillating and enthusiastic comments.
What are you all like?
Air kisses all round.

and fyi...

MrM doing porridge.


  1. I haven't read the porridge yet.(Still peeping at your blog from behind the sofa after the 'Whistle' post.)

    One of those freshers is a lovely young man who sits(sat) in front of me in Church every week..well maybe not every week....but he's young.

  2. Gosh, like Jackie, I haven't read the post or comments on porridge yet. I hope there are instructions, as the "porridge" I know appears only in literature. And again, I'm thinking about bears!

  3. "Y'all"?
    Y'all are scaring me.

  4. Freshers' week? A little early, isn't it? (Considering that this marks the beginning of week 6 here, you may take that as tongue in cheek....)

  5. It's amazing what provokes a commenter. Someone should do an in depth analysis.
    (Psst! Mr M. See that washerwoman? She's got a coffee cake for you concealed in her kirtle).

  6. I only said I didn't want a shop bought cake ...

  7. We're still completing the packing as D-Day is Saturday - the bouncing tigger in the house is making me glad I'm heading to work this morning for some relative peace and quiet :o) It will be so quiet next week (apart from the intermittent maternal sobbing of course)

  8. That's because only you would have the most beautiful porringer to have your porridge from, and would think to give us a photo. Am gearing up to cooking porridge here. It takes some thinking about because I can't bear it myself, especially the smell of warm milk. Blurgh.

  9. I could have sworn I added my two cents worth in The Great Porridge Debate, but it seems to have vanished. I probably said something about how I have porridge for breakfast approximately 353 days of the year, but not in quite as pretty a bowl as yours.

  10. Poor Mr M. It's a hard life.

    Food, sorrow and cute animals seem to provoke the most comments.

    Yes, definitely Freshers Weeks round here; lots of noise in the small hours as drunken children try to find their way home. There are leaflets everywhere advertising 'Last Man Standing' pub crawls round town. This is what student loans are really for......

    Am I critical and embittered? Nooooooo......

  11. I had fresh raspeberries in mine this morning.

  12. Fresher's week used to be first week in October - before semesters came along, which was great for academics who could spend so much more time in foreign parts, but often meant the weather had changed for the worse and all those poor little freshers were wandering around lost, bewildered and wet! (Well I was in Cardiff) We used to tell them all to buy umbrellas with their set books!

    Poor Mr M, hope he'll be out soon.

  13. Looks remarkably like Shylock. Did he demand a pound of flesh or did my friend Portia get him binned for some other misdemeanour? I hope its not a debtor's prison he is in or you will have to put in even more overtime Mrs M.


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