Monday, 27 September 2010


I know that Ali will be writing a detailed review of our visit to Origin at Old Spitalfields Market but I wanted to say what a privilege it was to accompany her. Ali is extremely knowledgeable about crafts and regularly visits exhibitions. She recognises exhibitors, can reference magazine articles and discuss themes which are inspiring them. The exhibitors respond to this with enthusiasm and are delighted to display their work and talk about exhibitions which have featured their work. One lovely exhibitor sighed and said "It is so refreshing to have an intelligent conversation!"

I was fascinated by the exhibitors as we walked around. They had stepped out of their workrooms to present their work to a wider public and they were part of their own display. There were textile artists wearing their scarves, milliners in extraordinary hats, jewellers glittering. My favourite was the Japanese ceramicist in a complex linen shift - when I held her featherlight bowls and turned them so that the cobalt glaze caught the light she smiled because she could see that I loved her work and it did not matter that I could not afford it.

I came away with a bowl and a mug by Sue Binns, a beret for MissM by Jo Gordon and a number of business cards.

I also came away with a completely different attitude to craft exhibitions. If you get the chance to visit Origin before it closes on Wednesday, seize it.

Ali, thank you for inviting me.


  1. Surely you must have some photos of the jewelry...I am eager to see some rings.

  2. A knowledgeable companion can make all the difference to one's experience of an exhibition - I had a completely new and thrilling take on artist Marc Chagall after a gallery visit with a friend who had just finished her dissertation.

    I may have had to bankrupt myself with some Sue Binns' pottery - those tall jugs!

  3. So excited to be going today.

  4. Mr is preparing himself for an influx of nouveau blue & white ware.

    Perhaps it will include a cake plate ...

  5. You did that bowl justice with your beautiful, beautiful photo of it.............

  6. Oh Mr M., I am so glad you only mentioned cake plates. I would hate to think of you being deleted for mention of only the former.

  7. Tell Mr M - one coast ring in exchange for a coffee and walnut cake.

    And it's funny how one's perception of the same things differs - I felt sure I was the idiot who gibbered 'I'm such a big fan!'

    But it truly was avery good day!

  8. That sounds and looks like a wonderful experience :-)


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