Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Celebration Plate

Dear Janet,

Many thanks for the cheque that you sent for our wedding anniversary - it was so kind of you to remember the date. What a lovely idea to suggest that we use the money to buy ourselves a drink! I wanted you to know that after I had agreed a lower price for this plate with Mr Theobald in Gabor Cossas there was just enough left over for MrM to buy a pint of Guinness.

with much love

Alice x


  1. And he can always have a slice of coffee cake on it. You were acting entirely selflessly.

  2. Life is having to compromise, all the time.

  3. My word, but you are good to that man of yours...........

    (Beautiful plate!)

  4. MrM should point out there was an unsuccessful attempt to convert the cheque into a bottle of champagne which turned out to be a significant benefit. MrsM had arranged for a surprise bottle to be awaiting us in our hotel room - alas it was not (no problem I was not expecting this - would have settled for a coffee cake which I have been promised) - MrsM phones up in firm voice to express disappointment and to cancel the request. Hotel knowing that it has met its match (as indeed I had but in a different way) sent up a complimentary bottle straightaway. Good business all round.

    It does look a very nice plate and will last longer than the champagne.

    WV: haracer (sp ??)

  5. Life is such a careful balancing act and Mrs M negotiates the tightrope with grace and ease.

  6. Now that Mr M has explained it seems that everything was perfect for both of you. Beautiful plate!

  7. Seems to be a wise and appropriate purchase. Every time you use it you can think of that pint of Guiness.

  8. Oh what a wonderful plate! Perfect for canapes with your complementary bottle of champagne! K x


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