Friday, 10 September 2010

Winter Sports in Dubai

MissM has returned from Dubai
with tales of a strange and wonderful world.

She shopped for jewellery in a gold souk,

bought camel milk chocolate for MrM
from the tallest building in the world,

ate in a restaurant with a choice of steak knives...

shared henna tattoos with her lovely friends

Strangest of all,
she went tobogganing and skiing
when the temperature outside was 48 degrees

and skated all day,
closely supervised by The Sheikh.

Many thanks to Ros and David
who were the most generous hosts
and to the Sassy MissS and the Talented MissA.


  1. Lucky it was The Sheik watching because as we all know 'The Sharif don't like it'.


    hee hee hee, I crease myself up)

  2. MrM was grateful for the opportunity to hone his travel insurance skills by sorting out winter sports and dune buggy riding cover on the same policy

  3. LOL @ Trash's comment!
    Happy times for this beautiful trio.

  4. I don't recognise any of the places, but I recognise that look in the last picture. Because I wore it with my friends in Newquay in 1988.

  5. How was the camel milk chocolate? Does MrM have a verdict? I wouldn't want to try it without seeking his wise advice.

  6. As usual, Mr M has a very pithy remark to make. I should like to see him in action with the insurance people. I bet he is firm but fair.

  7. Love those henna tattoos :-)

  8. Love it. THey look so cool.


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