Monday, 20 September 2010

the world comes to me

The young academic who went to Iceland
has just returned from the border of China.

He tells me that while he was in China
he went up onto the Tibetan plateau for the first time
and after he has told me of the mountains
I ask him something that I have always wanted to know
"Is it true that everywhere you go in Tibet they are flying kites?"
He assures me that it is true
and the kites fly so high that they are dots
in the clear Himalayan skies.

The image of the kites stays with me all day
as I prepare for the start of term
and once again I am grateful that my office walls
reach to the farthest edges of the world .


  1. I am grateful too..just to get it secondhand here is worth it.

  2. Ah, to travel and see the great wonders of our tired world ... in spite of all the hurt we do, it still gives us and gives us, while we stab it in the back ...
    We should ALL be grateful.

  3. Such a wonderful image to start the week.

  4. Wonderful. I've always wanted to go to Tibet, lucky chap.


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