Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Out in the Dark

On another night, in another château,
we crept out after dinner
to follow the sounds of distant music.
The village was en fête
and we stood in the dark
at the edge of the marquee
watching the dancing.
After a while we danced too
we did not know the steps but it didn't matter
we whirled and laughed until the music ended
and then we stepped back into the darkness.


There is more...
when we returned to the château
we found all the doors were bolted
and the shutters to the windows locked
We walked around the great house,
wondering what on earth to do.

Then MrM pointed to a window on the upper floor
and said in a low voice
"there is someone watching us"
and MrsM looked up and saw to her horror
that there was a ghostly white figure
peering through the window.

And when a small side door was finally opened
by guests who were going out for a stroll
MrM and MrsM scuttled in
and hid in their room.


  1. Now we know where the younger generation of Ms get it from.

    My verification word is hopon. Seems strangely apt.

  2. You've had quite an adventure!

  3. Was it the woman in white?

  4. I got a knot in my tummy at the point where you discovered everything bolted and shuttered............

  5. I have a horror of being locked out - or to be locked in somewhere. Can't bear to be in a large store or a tourist attraction at closing time - don't know why. I like the idea of you and Mr M creeping in after lights out!

  6. Was it like climbing back into the convent? Where would you have slept if you had been locked out?

  7. was certainly past our bedtime - should have stayed out for the fireworks (rather like the French for this - feux d'artifices) which were supposed to be rather fine for a small commune

  8. I am really being inspired by your spirit for adventure Mr and MrsM. I concur with Ali and applaud!

  9. You guys have fun and I LOVE it!
    AH ... le bonheur!


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