Tuesday, 30 August 2011

the quest for beauty

every year when I go to the local show
I am amazed by the artistry of the man
who grows these fruit and vegetables.

each entry is displayed
with meticulous attention to detail

sizes are evenly matched,
colours chosen to complement
and angles carefully aligned

and I am reminded again
that the simplest of tasks
can be an opportunity
to create works of art


  1. Such beauty captured by your eye for a great picture.

  2. So right, Alice - what a great lesson, beautifully illustrated.

  3. those blueberries on the little leaves are so effective - mind you the 'coffee table book' photography shows them off to their best advantage - MrsM you are wasted sorting out those geographers

  4. Shirley Conran was wrong about mushrooms. Life is too short *not* to stuff a mushroom and arrange blueberries on leaves.

  5. Our village show is on Saturday and I can't WAIT to look on it all again..........
    Loving Lucille's comment.

  6. I went to a local show (ok, not my local!) yesterday and was similarly enthralled. I even saw beauty in a brand new tractor. And a bull. Oh, and a pig and that's a first!

  7. we were given a small marrow or large courgette last weekend by some friends who came to lunch. If we had been really on the ball I suppose we could have entered it - not sure as what though.

    I am reminder of my mother's endeavours with a Victoria sandwich which one first prize. By this time it was a bit too late to fess up to someone else making it ... butter would not melt etc

    WV: fantsy as in fantsy that

  8. Simply beautiful.
    Or maybe
    Beautifully simple.

  9. Blueberries! I love them.

  10. Oh this is a wonderful post! These beautiful pictures bring to mind a local small chateau here in the Loire Valley which has a sixteenth-century kitchen garden bursting with authentic produce jostling with vegetables from far-flung countries. If I am not mistaken there is a photo here of Bright Lights Swiss Chard; a real show stopper.

    Beauty is everywhere you are willing to look.

    I am shyly telling you that I am having a giveaway and if the gifts interest you (they are of a garden nature) I would be delighted for you to have a chance to win.


  11. Thanks for this post. It is quite inspirational. Just what I needed to see at the moment. How could you know?


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