Monday, 22 August 2011

Raspberry Cake

This is not the Raspberry cake
that was packed into a rucksack
and eaten under a tarpaulin
by hungry archaeologists on Thursday...
it is the next Raspberry cake
which was packed into a picnic basket
and eaten in a sunny meadow
by the lovely Miss Maisie on Sunday.

It is a new recipe this summer
but already it has lots of happy memories
which will make it taste sweeter.


  1. Lucky Miss Maisie! And I hope you'll share the recipe - it looks delicious.

  2. A lovely raspberry cake, eaten in a meadow? Oh, for goodness sake. What could be a more perfect union than the yumminess of such a beautiful cake, filled with the deliciousness of sweet fruit? I think those holes in the top are brimming over with memories of strawberries and goodness for such a special person.
    A meadow, a cake, a wee one and loving people are such a wonderful recipe of joy and quiet celebration.
    And, this is totally unrelated, but one of my favorite words is MEADOW. Crazy, I know. But it is a beautiful word.

  3. Lovely looking cake! Raspberries in cake what more could one want. :)

  4. Ah, a recipe for happiness!

  5. Mmmmm, yummy. Pretty too!

  6. Good memories always make things taste better.

  7. About two weeks ago I had to rip out my rasberry bush. It was seperating my telephone box from the house and threatening to do the same to my electric meter. I think I died a tiny bit as I cut it down. It was about six feet tall and every year gave me a wonderful bounty of sweet juicy berries(plus red stained hands and every bee in the tri-state area).
    Before I murdered it I collected about 2 quarts of Colorado's finest.
    So basically I'm looking for a good reason to thaw a couple of pints.
    Care to share your rasberry cake recipe and give my dear bush a great send off? Otherwise I'll end up making my usual strawberry/rasberry cheesecake and blaming you for the weight gain.


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