Monday, 19 May 2014

In the Pink

Lunch on Sunday was a lazy affair.
We sat in the sunshine drinking rosé,
talking about the party the day before.

We had creamy chicken soup flavoured with tarragon,
the aniseed flavour complemented by green olive ciabbata,
and a tangy lemon cake requested by MasterM.

After lunch I wandered around the garden.
Tissue thin cistus, complex petals of aquilegia,
densely packed rose buds and vibrant pelargoniums.
By next weekend the paeonies will be out.

I thought of my friends in the Department
working long hours marking exam scripts.
This time last year I was working at weekends,
with no time for lunches in the sunshine.

Still, I miss them.


  1. Goodness - roses already! I have never seen such a multi-petalled aquilegia - gorgeous.

  2. A wonderful weekend. I hope your week is good too. CJ xx

  3. That bittersweet feeling when you work somewhere with gorgeous people. Work will always be work BUT with the right people around you, it is the most wonderful thing.
    The display of pink in the shape of your flowers is just amazing. Don't forget to post paeonies, my top choice flower ever.


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