Friday, 2 May 2014

The 'Varsity Jug

MasterM and his great friend Manu organise an annual golf tournament between the University of Stellenbosch and their local rival, the University of Cape Town. His main concern while we were in South Africa was the famous silver trophy, the 'Varsity Jug.

MasterM modelling a nice line in golf shoes

Stellenbosch won the last round of this prestigious competition which surprised everyone, especially the Stellenbosch team. There was a strong performance in the bars of Stellenbosch that night and the trophy was paraded through the town. For reasons which are not entirely clear one of the team members then slept with the trophy. Unfortunately, it was in a folding bed and when the aforementioned person got out of bed the next day he forgot about the trophy. The bed was put away and the historic trophy was squashed as flat as a pancake causing great consternation. The immediate solution was to ask the person with the strongest hands, a water-polo player, to wrench it back into shape which, unsurprisingly, caused more damage. By now it is a trophy with an identity crisis because it is closer to a plate than a jug. MasterM phoned around the specialist shops and was advised to take it to a garage for panel beating. It was resurrected as a jug with vintage features just in time for the next round of the competition. Panic over.

After repair...

** Many thanks to MasterM's friend for the top two photos **


  1. Never a dull moment when boys gather together is there?! Well done to Stellenbosch. I'm glad the jug is supposed to look vintage...

  2. A crushed and wonky jug is better than no jug at all (famous Chinese saying)

  3. Way more useful, if you ask me. Congrats on the win.

  4. Vintage features but such history :)

  5. AnonymousMay 02, 2014

    Not a multi-racial team then !

    1. Thank you for your comment, Anonymous.

  6. Can't help thinking that they should get their money back from the panel beaters. Although it is certainly no longer a plate!

  7. What a hoot. Being of the Welsh persuasion, I can recall being told of a few such incidents. I think that nothing was repaired or replaced though...


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