Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Men in Black

MasterM is wearing a vintage double breasted jacket
which was made for his Great Great Uncle Alan
before an invited lecture tour in the United States.
MrM wore it when he was the same age as MasterM.
I told MasterM to hang the jacket up afterwards
because one day his own son might want to wear it.
He looked quite aghast at the thought.


  1. Handsome fellows!
    Where were they off to?

  2. Wow, that is just wonderful.

    And may I compliment on MrM's bright, friendly smile without offending you.

    1. Thank you - more of a rictus though, hoping the photographer is going to get on with things asap ... ie act as chauffeur

  3. Amazing that the dinner jacket has survived so beautifully - what is it about men in dj's - I don't know who invented them but I have never seen anyone who doesn't look great in one.

  4. This made me laugh out loud - one day he will remember you said that as he proudly watches his own son slipping it on - loving MrM's beautiful green bow tie

  5. dual purpose green tie - covers a multitude of sins ...

    we are holding on to the trousers which go with jackets - don't fit either MasterM or me for different reasons.

    Photo at the end of the evening would not have been quite so awake I regret to report. With MasterM as my wingman I managed to survive though.

  6. Ha ha. Lovely picture and amusing images also, Mr M. I have a son who tends to have trouser issues.......

    I should explain. 6'4", rugby player in build and I always make him do gentle lunges or squats in any trousers I am persuaded to buy

  7. What a great photo. I love the vintage suit being handed down through the generations.

  8. Alice you have such handsome men in your life! They also appear very fun and very kind. MrM dual purpose tie? I can tell you, that tie is going to dovyou little good if you dribble asparagus soup.


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