Thursday, 15 May 2014

Planet Normal

Roast Carrots and Quince

I was going to talk about vegetables
but it's quite late and I can't be bothered.
You are intelligent, resourceful readers
and if you want to know how to roast carrots
you go right ahead and ask Google.

Mange Tout and Fine Beans in Mint Yogurt with Pickled Ginger

In the meantime I will tell you that
MissM is in Hungary today and Berlin tomorrow.
What special Hungarian food has MissM eaten?
Paprika Pringles apparently.

Grilled Aubergine, I think

MasterM, on the other hand,
is reclining on my sofa reading
'Speak Swahili, Dammit'.
He is at home to take a Finance qualification
but is feeling sore because he is missing
the annual Goat Racing weekend in Dar es Salaam.

Sweet Potato, Lemon and Caramel Sauce

MrM is in Amazon land purchasing a Crumpled map.
They are brilliant as compact picnic blankets
but he won't let me use a Rome map in London.
He says that I would look eccentric,
that I MUST use a London map in London.
A tragic case of 'Obsessive Map Disorder'.

Roasted onions?

MrsM is in London working hard in body
but in spirit she is already in France
sitting in the terrace with Glen and Mary, drinking rose,
and watching the sun set over the Luberon valley.
She chants "Only a few more weeks" en route to the office.

So once more the Family M are all over the place.
Nothing new there then.
Planet Normal.


  1. When Suse visited here she had a crumpled map of my city - it was slightly more clever than useful, but I cannot deny that I want one.

  2. Never heard of a crumpled map and I am shocked it's designed by Italians. Lately I've lost hope with Italy and all its inhabitants. Truly.
    Now tell me what's in the last shot.

  3. Quince? In May? Is is Antipodean quince?

  4. OMG -OMD Compulsive no doubt !

  5. Yes, what is in the last photo, even with my glasses I cannot make it out?
    I would also be gutted to be missing goat racing, and not just one race, a whole weekend. Surely that's too much of a good thing!

  6. all those roasted vegetables - surely not all on one day!
    crumpled maps - whatever will they think of next - it is another world out in design land

  7. Damn, I've missed the annual goat racing weekend in Dar es Salaam too. I'm liking the look of the aubergine though, something like could make up for it.

  8. Hi!
    I popped over from Tales from a Happy House, hope you don't mind...
    I'm sorry, but the Paprika Pringles had me giggling. Love it.

    And what is in the last shot? Is it butter in paper twists? Is this a competition? (just kidding)


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