Thursday, 29 May 2014

Slices of Sunshine

The Travellers Club, Pall Mall

East India Club, St James's Square

Whitehall Court

Craven Street

St James's Square

Charles II Street

Pall Mall

To take these photos for you I braved black cab drivers, ladies in smart hats, police motorbikes, hotel concierges, aggressive cyclists, an elderly gentleman in a smart pinstripe suit and trainers, a bus load of Japanese tourists, excited French school children and a man in a purple kilt. Oh, and rain.

You're welcome.


  1. Oh Alice, you are so brave! The window boxes were worth it surely. I worked briefly in The Athenaeum in Pall Mall and my lunch break was happily spent drinking coffee in St James sq and people watching. Bliss. Thanks for bring me back.

  2. They all seem strangely formal - all except Craven Street, that is. London would be a duller place without them. Thank you for braving all those people on our behalf.

  3. You love us, you just admitted it with these shots.

  4. you are a true window box hero

  5. MrsM resolutely pushing the gender agenda here with some panache - there are at least a couple of establishments who do not allow ladies inside on a full membership basis. On the other hand I am sure that there are places where I might choose not to stray into so there is some symmetry.

    What I am waiting to see at some point is a man in a bowler hat for the full London look. Perhaps there could be a woman in a bowler for something different.

  6. What a variety of obstacles to negotiate to allow us to see these lovelies! xx

  7. Thank you, thank you! They are truly delightful. But...where's the photo of the kilt?

  8. I love each and every one and thank you!


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