Tuesday, 6 May 2014

what the commuter saw


Early spring in London is over.

9 April
The Mall Galleries
(looking forward to meeting Gina here!)

The trees on The Mall are densely leaved now
and the tulips are finished.

10 April
The Mall

People leave their offices at lunchtime
to lie on the grass and soak up the sunshine,

9 April
St. James's Square

the flower seller behind St. James's, Piccadilly
shelters in the shade of an awning,

10 April
Jermyn Street

the cherry blossom has vanished
in a blizzard of pink and white petals

10 April
Memorials to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

and the flags for the London Marathon
have been taken down for another year.

14 April
The Mall from Admiralty Arch

Here we are on the brink
of summer in the city.

14 April
The City from the Golden Jubilee Bridge

This is my favourite photo from April:
The Tidiest Convenience Store in London.

7 April
Pall Mall

When I asked permission to take the picture
I said it was for 'a friend'.
That's you, by the way.


  1. Why it IS very tidy. And he'sso pensive ... summer is in the air but here it seems to delay a bit, strangely.

  2. Very much looking forward to meeting you too!

  3. I would be afraid to pick anything from the shelves and spoil his arrangement!

  4. I'm always too shy to ask to take a photo, and then I always wish I had one. It is indeed beautifully neat.

  5. I was there!
    (Well, not the convenience shop. I WISH the convenience shop.)


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