Saturday, 12 September 2009

MasterM packs a pen and paper...

Today MasterM started at university.

Mother and Son
John Vanderlyn

I left him at the airport with MrM
and they phoned a couple of hours later
to say that they had arrived safely.

Mother and Child
Eric Gill

You might think that I am used
to saying goodbye.

But you would be wrong.

Jack Sheppard visiting his mother in Bedlam
George Cruikshank

It is the end of an amazing year
and the beginning of new adventures.


Last night MasterM wondered
if Ladbrokes would take a bet
on how many pairs of socks he comes home with.
I think it would be long odds because
this time MasterM is doing his own laundry


  1. Good luck to MasterM. How very exciting! Can we ask where he decided to go in the end? I'm guessing a plane journey means either north or abroad ...

  2. Oh great, now I'm all weepy. Wait - maybe that's just my head cold talking...

    Thinking of you, dear Alice. I'm glad he arrived safe and sound, and I hope he has an amazing, wonderful first year.

  3. To new adventures!
    (like dottycookie I am curious too though...)

  4. Such illustrations!

    It's never easy to send them off, is it? Though he and his socks will be well!

  5. I'm guessing St Andrews?
    This is sad isn't it?
    I've said it just begin to appreciate them as adults and they leave.
    Is Miss M at University too? I'm afraid I didn't recognise her 'new view' although I did recognise your college. I was there for a Planxty concert in 1975!

  6. Saying goodbye is never easy. Wishing him well in his chosen path.

  7. What are the odds on zero then Alice. Good luck MasterM, undergraduate extraordinaire - is the destination ready for such a well travelled young man? :o)

  8. That particular goodbye just might be the hardest.

    I can remember my mother, in the back seat of the car, crying. She said it was because she found the outskirts of Sheffield depressing, but I think now she understood the significance of the journey more than I did.

    But I am sure he'll still manage to sneak the odd load of washing back home. And repay the service by entertaining you with tales of his year.

  9. I think he's fairly well prepared to take on life - sock washing and all. I also hope he reads these comments so he sees this sage advice.

    Be good to your mother.

  10. Go get'em Master M. ( best years of your life! )

    Bedlam doesn't look take a deep breath and soldier on Mrs M. ( we all had to ) It's the way of things....let them fly. I'm sure he will be back from time to time, possibly wearing socks.

  11. Oh my goodness, your heart must be soaring and aching all at once. PS the Bedlam illustration had me in stitches!

  12. Good luck to him! And to you and MrM -- when will you take your first trek up to see him?


  13. oh good luck!! how exciting... and c'mon you must be little bit proud too!!

  14. I remember that first night at college well; I know MasterM is better prepared for it than I was.

    I have to say that Mother Sheppard has some good knees on her, despite her situation. I couldn't kneel on a hard stone floor.

  15. You made me laugh and I keep going back to the Bedlam picture - brilliant. I'm in a hiatus with the letting go. One gone and come back and one teetering on the edge of the nest. It's not easy. I'm trying to leave my old self behind too.

  16. Eeeeuw! that last picture? Is that you saying goodbye or at the end of your tether trying to identify a pair of socks?

  17. Good luck MasterM!
    (and remember, whilst you can tell your parents about everything that happens, in my experience its worth waiting until AFTER the hangover has passed, the bruises have healed and the policemen have gone home....)

    MrsM - if MasterM is flying to uni does this mean very far north or excitingly abroad?

  18. Oh my. Best of luck to Master M. And I have the same burning question re where he's gone, seeing as it requires an airplane...

    My step-father used to mail all his laundry home in a special cardboard box. He still has the box stored in the attic, but my mum forbade any of us to even think about using it!

    K x

  19. wishing master M a good year -

    you sure have said a lot of good byes and hellos this year.

  20. those illustrations are great. Especially the last one.

  21. The Ploughboy is off in two weeks time, too - I will miss him so. When I was up at university I used to wait until I had completely run out of clothes, and then come home overnight for my mother to do all the washing. No chance of that on my part!

    Pomona x

  22. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Alice, you know what, my Boy is only 7 and I'm already dreading this moment in a way that is quite honestly ridiculous.

    I wonder how far away he is...probably quite a long way if he has flown.....but uni terms are quite short aren't they, 10 wks or so?? He'll be home to nest for the Christmas hols before you know it.

    I am sending you enormous virtual hugs nevertheless

  23. Umm, Alice? Are you all right? And I, too, want to know where he is -- but I'm guessing Scotland from the next post -- am I right? Strangely, that is exactly where N is insisting that M should go. I think she wants to visit.

  24. How exciting he will have such a good time! And study very hard of course :)


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