Thursday, 20 January 2011

Another Intense Day

Up early because we are off
to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada...

to study Geomorphology
with our fearless leader.

This required us to spend the morning
in an almond grove
surrounded by sugar pink blossom,

a brief stop for lunch
breathing in the smell of wild thyme,
admiring the white-washed buildings,

and then it is off
down the hill through the orange trees
to the river bed.

Chemical Analysis

Measuring Flow Rate

Observing Sediment Deposition

Taking Photos

Well...somebody has to do it.


  1. Sounds awful. I do hope you are being paid well as recompense for such dreadful conditions! x

  2. Good job after all that you didn't buy the pink fleece.... they might have lost you in amongst all that blossom!

  3. I think that MissM and I will have to ask for a full debriefing session with slide show etc when MrsM returns. The TV will be free from the rugby by then ...

  4. And you're doing a good job.

  5. How you suffer...... perhaps you need help?

    If you'd like to come home early, I'd volunteer to replace you and take the photographs. I'm noble like that....

  6. I was about to make the same comment as the Coffee Lady but she beat me to it.

  7. How did you manage this?
    Don't you think I need to get involved in some kind of work related travel?
    Looking forward to your advice. Stop.

  8. A dirty job but somebody has to do it :) (so glad to hear MrM is getting his priorities right)

  9. May all our burdens be thus!
    I love field trips.

  10. Greetings from the other Sierra Nevada! (But it is a little too early for the almond blossoms here. Funny.)

  11. looks like a rather cheery Yoda

  12. Sometimes life is really tough ...


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