Monday, 3 January 2011


MrM and MrsM have finally accepted
that MasterM and MissM
have better offers on New Year's Eve
than a night at home with their parents.

MrM made the inspired suggestion that
a family celebration on 30 December
to mark the start of the Samoan New Year
would be an acceptable compromise
and MasterM and MissM graciously agreed.

And thus our New Year's Eve celebrations
stretched over the International Date Line
and finished when MissM watched the fireworks
with the Charming MasterN on the Embankment
while MasterM recreated Hanoi's hit parade
at a Vietnamese karaoke bar.

2011, I'm liking you already.


  1. This post gave me a nice chuckle!! Love the bendy stem of the Cosmo glass, and love Cosmos!!

  2. been lurking in the background for a while now, not commenting on your great posts. I found your blog because of a comment you left on Blackbird's site(Say La Vee). She and Paola are internet friends and I hope you and I can be friends also.
    My grandfather was from England. A small town called Little Lever, which I believe is now Manchester or Sussex. I still can't find it on a map.

    Your mince pies looked so good, and very familiar. I think my grandmother used to make them around this time of year. I would really like to try making them. Would you be willing to share your recipie with me?
    I'd really appreciate it.
    Please, please, please and thank you.
    By the way, I'm a huge fan of Doc Martin. Any comments?

  3. Lovely idea and I love the glass too.

  4. I sincerely hope I'll have so much fun with my boys when they grow up as you have with your family!

  5. Well it seems you have an admirer to continue the fabulous start to 2011.

  6. Well it seems you have an admirer to continue the fabulous start to 2011.

  7. My boys are still at the 'too young to do anything else' stage and don't mind spending NYE with their parents but I will remember the Samoan New Year when the time comes - brilliant idea!

  8. Several years ago my niece introduced me to "cosmos." It was one of those moments when the world's timepiece seems to spin could this person (who I held in my arms when she was a gurgling baby in a bunting) teach me (the wild old auntie) about a trend in alcoholic beverages?

  9. Happy New Year to you and yours Alice... our young people all celebrated elsewhere too... including one on a Thai beach.

  10. Happy New Year! Loving the bit about the "Hanoi Hit Parade"........

  11. MrM had a fantastic idea, a compromise is often a way to double the drinking (wink)
    Hi Scot! I like to think we are ALL friends here (thanks dear Alice for hosting my message).

  12. Happy New Year! Always love reading your wonderful blog!


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