Wednesday, 26 January 2011

MrsM lets the team down

Oh no!!
I left the adaptor behind in the hotel.

I'm disappointed...
We let you out by yourself
and you start losing family heirlooms.

What would you say
if I told you
that I gave you
that particular adaptor
because I knew
you would probaby lose it?

MrsM retires, hurt.


  1. I'm sure the "Team" would enjoy conferring with some people in Tuvalu regarding my learning curve and the iPhone.

  2. I'm sure a sympathetic soul at the hotel would consider mailing it to you, if you sweet talk them enough (and send them the postage ahead of time....)
    Then you could surprise Mr&MissM with your ability to recover from the "mistake".

  3. I would counter MissM and MrM by pointing out that you had spent the week in charge of a group of boisterous students and you did remember to bring all of them home. (I'm assuming that is the case!)

  4. I'm not sure your "team" is being very sympathetic. They want to try being related to someone who loses his debit card on a regular basis.

  5. Don't you just love it when your children start patronising you?!

  6. Seems a rather weak attempt to justify a return visit ...

    it was not my favourite adaptor in fact. Rather a runty one which was unlikely to make the cut for intercontinental travel later this year.

    I think that MrsM should bake a coffee cake to make amends imnvho.

  7. Well, aren't they quite the cheeky ones!

    Mr M, the runt of the adaptor collection? I fear Mrs M left you alone too long....

  8. Low blow, Mr M. Sounds a bit like sour grapes for being left behind to me. (Glad we're not the only household that has a heirachy of things like adaptors! Husband was complaining that he couldn't find his favourite extension lead yesterday?!)

  9. cruel cruel words.

    Don't bake for them for a month!

  10. Sour grapes ?? moi ? challenging the raisin d'etre indeed

    actually more a reflection that my time schedule to bake a cake at the weekend before MrsM returned was rather taken up with tidying up the house and buying flowers.

    Should have have used a ;-) or similar to make my intentions clear

  11. It's gentle, discreet retaliation time, I think. Just start noticing how many times you perform minor rescues of said team, and quietly let them know.

    And you probably have a whole drawerful of adaptors somewhere in the house anyway. I know I do...

  12. Ouch indeed!

  13. Or as Clint Eastwood said in that well known chick-flick, "Heartbreak Ridge" ....

    "Improvise, Adapt or Overcome!"

  14. Is it possible that you're the team player that usually knows where the rest of the team leaves stuff - as in "Mom, where's my ___?" or "Honey, have you seen my____?" Maybe this is a bit of payback.
    Have you ever made a comment that sounds like "lose your head if it wasn't screwed on!"
    Many f these comments seem very reactionary.
    Just a thought.


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