Sunday, 9 January 2011

Excess Baggage

This tshirt really annoys me...
the design is boring
and it is too small.
Here you are, midget,
you can have it.

I don't know what to say...
that is quite a gesture.

After a frantic day of packing
MasterM flew back to Stellenbosch last night
with his extensive collection of tshirts
and 60 kg of assorted luggage.

The house seems very quiet without him.
We will get used to it again.


  1. One less small, boring t-shirt will ensure easy packing. How much tea was included in the 60kg?

  2. Hugs, Alice.

    Did you deliberately frame the first few pictures so that it looked as if your two were balancing on a very narrow ledge with a roaring torrent in front of them as well as behind? I swear I was holding my breath when it became evident one of them was about to fall off ...

  3. and did he have your scone's recipe? and a swanky teapot to impress?

  4. I was thinking I could send you a boy so your not so lonely but I'm fond of them all this weekend.

  5. What wonderful photos!

    But why won't United let me carry back 60 kg of luggage? Lucky Master M!

    Thinking of you.

    K x

  6. How kind. Flossie wonders if that fine stick is going spare?

  7. 60 kg!!!! Crumbs? do they mill fine enough scone flour in S.A.?

  8. I love the ease in these photos.

  9. Bon voyage Master M... hugs for Mrs M.

  10. Hear hear to Gina's comment - makes me feel that Hatfield is only a teeny step away by comparison

  11. 60 kg of luggage. How much overweight did he have to pay?

    But seriously they both are gorgeous.

  12. another transition; beautiful photos.

  13. At least he is a strapping young lad and he can carry the 60kg....great fun in those photos :-)

  14. it was 70 kg in fact - additional cost was £32 so not too shabby. MasterM came up with one idea and I thought up the other so between us it all worked out well.

    I have to say that I was impressed when I checked the two cases with the handheld scale and they came within a gnat's whatnot of 23kg each. Precision packing and not by me

  15. It's impossible not to repeat everyone else's comments, since the same things came into my head as well...charming family snaps, MrsM, and did he pack enough tea, and when was the last time I dragged that sort of weight to an airport? The last time I flew, there was nearly an on-board crisis when my carry-on bag that fit through the measuring device in the airport would nevertheless NOT fit under the seat in front of me, despite the insistence of the Flight Attendant that "if it had fit through the measurer it MUST fit under the seat." Good lord. People were turning around to glare at me from three seats forward!

    Re: your quiet(er) house. Hmmm. Don't you find a quiet house conducive to...extensive baking?

  16. MasterM's next objective is to take more baggage than his body weight.

    This is not something I aspire to


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