Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Postcards from Spain

Dear Head of Department,
Here we are at the margin of Europe.
It is an ideal place to study cross-cultural interaction
and the contemporary challenges of transition
from an agricultural and fishing subsistence economy
to the wider boundaries of tourism
and transient ex-patriate communities.
I am out of shot carrying the First Aid Kit.
I am working hard...
Yours, most sincerely,

Dear MrM.
Wish you were here.
Luv Ax


  1. Blue stuff above and below. Wish I was there.

  2. latMissM and I have decided to share rather than alternate cooking arrangements and so far all going well (to mutual surprise I suspect). Our sausage and potato frittata last night was something to behold.

    We are surviving on a healthy diet so far and think we can fend off scurvy for a few days. Pizzas and doughballs already purchased for Saturday evening when we know that our ingenuity will have run out.

    Weather here is pretty desperate. But then in Spain it rains mainly in the plain of course, not on the old costa ....

    Wish you were here

  3. Oh the view loos so familiar even though I've never been to Spain.
    It's so similar to "my" surroundings.
    I see Mr and Miss M are doing pretty fine, of course.

  4. Lucky you Alice, when I went away the message back to me read:"hurry back, we are nearly out of catfood"!

    Looks lovely where you are.....

  5. Not in the least bit envious... not one little bit. The sun is shining here this morning.

  6. Oh my. Just the thing to brighten up a cold January day in Cambridge! (Actually, it's OK today. Yesterday, however - ugh).

    And awwwwww to Mr M.

  7. Where's our postcard? "Dear Followers, Get yourselves over here right now."?

    I'm hurt.

    I would be over there in a jiffy if invited....

  8. PS MissM and I will be baking a coffee cake later this week ... whilst the cat's away etc. Without walnut choppy bits of course

  9. PPS - perhaps the Coffee Lady could provide a simple coffee cake recipe for me whilst I remember. Thanks in advance

  10. I have just enjoyed catching up from before Christmas.
    If I'd popped in more I could have told a bit about Kente Cloth, but now I need you to tell me where that lovely beach is?
    Happy New Year.

  11. I had two geography field trip whilst at College... North Wales (wet. extremely wet) and Hungary (toxic rubbish dump)

    how come did you swindle sunny Spain?

  12. I had two geography field trip whilst at College... North Wales (wet. extremely wet) and Hungary (toxic rubbish dump)

    how come did you swindle sunny Spain?

  13. My Pete would prefer his coffee cake without walnut choppy bits too.

    Blue skies - very restorative.

  14. Oh how lovely! Looking out the window now on a street glazed with ice...

    K x

  15. I've just finished Jane and Prudence where happily the Oxford undergarduate proves Jane wrong in her assumption that Geography and poetry would not mix, though she remains unaware of his triumph. Barbara Pym had obviously never read your blog...

  16. Alice! I believe I have stood in that very spot! But then blue is blue and I would not know the waters of the Atlantic from the waters of the Mediterranean. Are you in Tarragona? At any rate I hope you have time to dispense with the First Aid kit and anything cultural to indulge in some shoes and lingerie while there, I mean, when in Spain... Wedding is this Saturday, perhaps that explains my S&L preoccupation. Looking forward to your next card.

  17. Oh, Alice!
    I wish I was there.

  18. oh, btw, I abhor nuts in cake.

  19. Coffee cake? Not something nice and wicked like Nigella's dark loaf cake whose recipe includes industrial quantities of brown sugar and is much more delicious. (I loathe coffee cake) x


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