Sunday, 2 January 2011

String Theory

MissM picks up the loop of gift ribbon
and wraps it around her hand.

"If I do this I make a cup and saucer...
or this with my ring finger
to make a witch's broomstick.
If I use my left hand this is a mattress
but if I pull this loop I make a basket.
If I wrap it around my thumb like so
this is a worm crawling into his hole
and if I turn my hand upside down
this is the Eiffel Tower...

The Charming MasterN is impressed
and MrsM is very proud.
It is clear that MissM did not waste
her learning opportunities
at primary school.


  1. Tall Small has just discovered cat's cradle, and I realise I remember more than I thought I would of those endless hours spent practising.

    French skipping next!

  2. The Eiffel Tower is very tricky to do. She obviously attended advanced classes!

  3. I am at LEAST as impressed as was MasterN.

    Pictures? Possibly a tutorial?

  4. We've just been doing the same thing and thats what i thought "at least I remember something from school"!! I never learnt the Eiffel Tower though!

  5. I wonder when I stopped playing cat's cradle and why.

  6. I think Eiffel Tower sounds so much more sophisticated than the 'bunch of keys' we used to make. The downside to an Antipodean childhood.

  7. Like Quinn , I need pictures !
    I find wrapping square presents challenging enough , cat's cradle sounds way too intricate .

  8. so this is what I missed by attending school in Italy... now I know!!!

  9. I would love to spend time with MissM - she sounds such an interesting young person!

    I never learned cat's cradle (or maths, or netball) due to too many changes of school and a scandalous degree of ineptitude. I did strike lucky with the craze for French skipping though; there's not much call for it now though....

  10. I can barely tie a knot ...
    Very impressed.

    WF blesse

  11. I'm so impressed! I always wanted to be able to do cat's cradle. Do you think Miss M would teach me?

    K x


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