Friday, 21 January 2011

Snapshots of the Alhambra

You stand at the edge

And wonder where to start.

Each space is perfectly proportioned,

Every surface embellished

With intricate carvings

And tilework of vibrant colour.

You remind yourself that there is no need
To record everything,

That you are trying to capture images
That will remind you of the joy

Of a cool, blue-bright January day
In the Alhambra

And then you begin.


  1. and this is work ??!

  2. I'm very very envious. That is one place I'd love to go... more pictures please.

  3. Sorry to hear you are having such tough time there Alice.

  4. Can you bring me back a stick of rock ? Preferably one of those twisty barley sugar ones. Ta muchly

  5. I've always wanted to visit the Alhambra... even more so now.

  6. And to think I'm sitting here doing the VAT return.....

  7. Hi Alice

    Stunning photos. Beautifully described.


  8. Oh hurrah, you made it there! And isn't it just the most astonishing place? Your pictures just brought memories of our trip flooding back.

  9. Oh my, what a place. I love the photo of the cool, shady room with the bench. It looks like it has been put there in order that you might rest your eyes before taking in more decoration..............

  10. Geography wasn't like this in my day, I can tell you. More coalfields of the Ruhr than quiet contemplation in spectacular surroundings. Grrrr.

  11. As Blackbird said, breathtaking, especially with a clear blue sky. I'm completely absorbed by the symmetry.

  12. Gorgeous.
    And I can't believe the weather!
    It's COLD and mountaintops are covered in fresh fallen snow here.

  13. Isn't it truly magical ? And where are all the people that usually have the temerity to want to see it all , too ?
    Mind you , it's probably much quieter in January . Well timed !

  14. Just beautiful. Such stillness. Glad you're having fun!

  15. Oh I so want to go there Alice - if you go again can you squeeze me into your suitcase please.
    Jo x

  16. A quilt in every window and on every wall!

  17. gosh.
    this is incredible.

  18. one of the most perfect constructions in the world, I think. I have only three places I probably need to visit - Venice, Paris and the Alhambra. The rest can wait (though Ireland is very close behind).
    Thanks as always for your beautiful pictures.


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