Monday, 13 February 2012

The Compleat Crumble

MrsM considered how tragic it was
that she had made the Perfect Apple Crumble
while she was still so young
and wondered what she would do
for the rest of her life
now that she had achieved her ambition.


  1. Now is time to write that long-awaited missive so that we may also attempt to replicate such perfection bc I, for one, would love to know how you got your crumble so beautiuflly golden on top.

  2. this is somewhat different to the apple crumble that MrsM and I were presented with in a chateau - I think it had been specially prepared for us as the English guests. The chateau was beautiful but sadly the crumble was not. Curious was the best word for it. No challenge to MrsM's confection anyway.

  3. Did you peak too soon? Was there custard?

  4. Apple Cobbler? Pie? or shall it be my nemesis:
    The Tarte Tatin?

  5. If you are taking up Blackbird's suggestion, may I tender a request to be the official taster, just in case MrM is unavailable?

  6. Crumble Bumble, look at that exquisite spoon! Therein lies my weakness. I'll have an order of gorgeous spoon please with a dab of mouthwatering perfect apple crumble on the side! Not happy here, starting my Monday morning with spoon envy and seven grain toast. XO

  7. I was admiring the spoon too.
    Apple crumble is simply a delicacy.

  8. I made my own lovely apple cobbler yesterday..... mmmm..... my most perfect was several years ago....a lovely mixture of rhubarb and apples.... maybe I will never create one quite as sublime ... but, I will continue making them all the same...I love fruit desserts....

  9. I think it tasted better the following day - bit like a bottle of wine that needs a bit more time than usual to breathe


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