Thursday, 9 February 2012

post-it note


I need to say thank you too...
recently it has not been easy for me
to find the time to reply to your comments
but I want you to know that I am very grateful
for the thoughtful and generous friendship
that reaches out to me every day.


  1. I don't think any of us - we who care about your life - feel neglected in any way. We all have lives and problems and situations which require our immediate attention and understand when those thing make demands on you.

  2. Your posts are a daily thank you gift to me, as I think they are to all of us.
    And OF COURSE (with an Oxfor/Harvard comma which I shall put outside the brackets but ... who knows), ditto to Bb!

  3. Thank Yous are very simple and lovely things and probably not said often enough. We really need to say thank you to you more often ...

  4. I am hoping that my mug of tea and sandwich purchase in the morning is my way of saying thank you to MrsM

  5. Thank you for finding time every day to post something that makes me smile or nod or sigh. That's enough :-)

  6. I know that feeling, Alice, don't worry.

  7. Just keep posting for us, Alice - we love reading your words and seeing your images.

    And MrM, are you delivering that mug of tea and sandwich to MrsM while she slaves away at work? That would be a nice thank you!


Thank you! I love reading your comments and even though I don't always have time to reply I am really grateful to every one who joins in the conversation.