Thursday, 2 February 2012

Implausible but True


I left my phone at my friend's house
and then he lost his room keys
so I haven't been able to get it for three days.
We're just at the locksmith now
so I'll be able to call you later.
Sorry that you have not been able
to get hold of me.


MasterM is back in South Africa now.
He is great about keeping in contact with us
and so it is unusual not to hear from him.
We started to worry after a few days silence
but eventually he got a message to us
and we were very relieved to know
that he had not been eaten during
his latest wilderness adventure.


  1. Note to me: try to use "howsit" more. Or once, even.

  2. But that doesn't sound the least bit implausible to me... or is it just that I'm used to the ways of young men?

  3. So it didn't drop out of his pocket during the sky dive then?

  4. Sensible boys - getting a locksmith! It could so easily have been a 'climb on roof/shimmy down drainpipe/break window/gash arm/get to hospital bleeding profusely' sort of story!

    But not being eaten by ravening beasts is reassuring too.....

  5. 'Howsit' from the lovely Cape where I enjoy your blog and where we have relocated after living in London for 36 years! Love your descriptions of Miss and Master M.

    Try my blog The Chance Muse for some local colour.

  6. Hahahahaha...'Howsit'. Does he also speak of 'lekker' and 'lani'?

  7. What a sensible young man, you must be proud of him.

  8. Sensible indeed. Here, they would have simply knocked down the door.
    Howsit ... the things I learn!


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