Tuesday, 28 February 2012

(just for the record)

Science Open Day

It is a bright blue Saturday morning
and the campus is alive with children
who have come to experience
the excitement of Science.

In the room next door
I can hear the academic who is 42
demonstrating the skull of a cave bear
to awestruck little boys.

And the Technical Supervisor
is putting her hands
in the soggy Bog in the Box.

Beyond, in the foyer,
there are tiny hands colouring in
pictures of Victorian Explorers.

In this small room
I am surrounded by woven baskets
from the rain forest of the Guiana Shield
in a multitude of different designs.

The research assistant is pointing
to the photo story boards which show
how cassava is grown and used for food.
She took the photos herself last month
and the solemn faces of the local tribes
stare out at me from their other world.

She shows me how a tube of woven grass
is used to squeeze cassava pulp.
"Look" she says "you put the pulp in
and pull the tube at the bottom
and the grass weave tightens
to squeeze out the water."

And, at that moment, my pleasure
at learning something new,
understanding how something works,
is a great as any of the children around me.


  1. Such beautiful fresh designs! It sounds a wonderful day.

  2. That sounds like a fabulous day for everyone. Not even going to pretend my envy is non-existent.

  3. I thought for a moment that MrsM had joined the raffia mafia mob !

  4. How clever!

  5. There are some subliminal patchwork designs in those baskets - may have to save the pictures for future inspiration material

  6. The things you see ... the things you learn ...

  7. Oh thanks so much for the lovely for the photos! Weaving is such wonderful skill, not practiced near enough any more, and those patterns are gorgeous! What a perfectly wonderful way to spend a Saturday, with discoveries all around the the sound of excited children learning! And excited adults willing to share and join in!


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